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Elkton, MD 06/27/2024 Singerly Fire Hall BUY TICKETS
Redmond, OR 07/31-08/04/2024 Deschutes County Fair* BUY TICKETS
Elkton, MD 07/12/2024 Elkton VFW BUY TICKETS
Elkton, MD 08/15/2024 Singerly Fire Hall BUY TICKETS
Rochester, NY 09/11-09/15/2024 Rochester Fringe Festival COMING SOON
Detroit, MI 09/20-09/22/2024 Michigan Hypnosis Conference* BUY TICKETS

*Designates hypnosis only shows with Judge Mentalist.
**Designates mind reading only shows with Bernardo.

Prepare to Enter the Impossible.

Between 2 Minds is a symphony of laughter, wonder, and sheer disbelief, seamlessly merging the impossible and the hilarious. Prepare to be captivated by the talents of Bernardo Rodriguez, the masterful mind reader, and Judge Mentalist, the mesmerizing hypnotist. In this thrilling theatrical spectacle, the power of the mind reigns supreme, and the audience is the true star of the show. Between 2 Minds is not just a show; it's an unforgettable experience that will leave you questioning the limits of your own mind. Don't miss your chance to witness this extraordinary fusion of talents as you prepare to be spellbound, enchanted, and utterly amazed as you embark on a journey to Enter the Impossible.


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Bernardo Rodriguez - Act 1

Bernardo Rodriguez is a masterful mentalist and mind reader whose electrifying performances combine the intrigue of mind reading with the joy of laughter. With each performance, Bernardo takes his audience on a journey into the realm of the mind, showcasing his uncanny ability to decipher thoughts, predict choices, and unveil the innermost secrets of his participants. But what truly sets Bernardo apart is his dedication to infusing his shows with an infectious sense of humor and lightheartedness. Through his interactive and engaging presentations, Bernardo creates an atmosphere where his magnetic stage presence becomes the catalyst for his mind-bending revelations. His performances are a fusion of entertainment and psychology, leaving spectators astounded, amused, and inspired to rethink the limits of human connection.

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Judge Mentalist - Act 2

Judge Mentalist who is renowned for his unparalleled ability to read minds and astound audiences with his mentalism feats, has now ventured into the captivating realm of hypnosis. With his proven track record in the world of entertainment, Judge Mentalist has seamlessly merged his unique mind-reading talents with the power of hypnosis, creating an unforgettable experience for every spectator. His shows are carefully crafted to ensure that participants become the stars of the performance, all while maintaining an atmosphere of respect and humor. Judge Mentalist's journey from mentalism to hypnosis is a testament to his adaptability and dedication to his craft. This interactive performance is designed to captivate, engage, and uplift, leaving spectators with lasting memories and a newfound appreciation for the power of the mind.

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Between 2 Minds

Between 2 Minds is based primarily out of Elkton, MD and does not charge travel or lodging fees for events booked within 100 miles of Elkton, MD. Please email [email protected] with any questions or concerns!



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